Children’s Martial Arts at Precision MMA

“Our mission is to be self-directed, lifelong martial artists, who willingly contribute to their community, and lead passionate, purposeful lives.”

Our children’s martial arts classes combine martial arts techniques and physical fitness with valuable life skills to empower children to overcome challenges and give them a jump start on the road to success.

At Precision we view martial arts as a tool to unlock your child’s highest potential. In a world where kids are glued to smart phones and video games we seek to break kids out of the passive and inactive world that our modern technology and convenience has created. Too often kids are not thinking, not moving, not challenged. Martial arts breaks the mold and forces kids out of this cycle by exciting them physically, sparking their creativity and testing their limits.

Precision kids are engaged in mental and physical problem solving. Whether it is mastering a new technique, developing strategies to be assertive in the face of bullies, pushing past fatigue in training or learning about proper respect and etiquette our kids are challenged and active each and every time they step on the mat.

Precision is not a “belt factory” where kids are promoted every week simply for attending class. In addition to our martial arts requirements Precision kids must demonstrate good effort at home, in school and in their communities. Every child at Precision MMA completes community service as part of the promotion process since we believe that martial artists are not just good fighters, but role models for others.

Our kids program can be divided into two groups – Grappling & Striking


At Precision our grappling program combines the techniques of wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Grappling allows smaller kids to utilize leverage and positioning to overcome much larger opponents. Grappling allows kids a safe and humane way to defend themselves. Precision students learn a variety of takedowns and pins that will keep them safe and control dangerous situations without having to inflict harm. Additionally, grappling can be practiced safely against a fully resisting opponent. Therefore, kids can realistically test their techniques. They won’t have to wonder if their skills work, they will put them to the test each and every class.


What is striking? Our striking program is a hybrid combining techniques from Karate, Boxing and Muay Thai. Striking prepares kids to deal with kicks, punches or any other strike that might come their way. Striking teaches kids how every part of their body can be used to defend themselves. In addition to learning to overcome an attacker, our striking program improves kids’ speed, flexibility, coordination and athleticism.

Many karate schools make forms or “kata” the focus of their striking program. These are choreographed punches and kicks in the air against imaginary opponents; while they may look flashy they are not practical against resisting opponents. At Precision our kids learn striking that works in the real world. We aren’t interested in breaking boards or looking flashy, the striking at Precision teaches techniques that will stop someone from hurting them.

A confident child is a successful child

For many kids, having someone bigger and stronger than them hold them down or punch them in the face is one of their worst fears. At Precision, we build comfort in those positions and teach kids the skills to overcome that very situation. Empowering kids to successfully face their fears on the mat instills a confidence that carries over to every activity they take part in. Our kids learn that every problem has a solution and that they are capable of incredible accomplishments when they utilize discipline and hard work.

What are parents saying about Precision?

“As a mom I have to say that Precision MMA is the best kept secret of the Hudson Valley. My son has trained in other Martial Arts schools for a total of 7 years and they can’t compare to Precision, I am in awe not only of the instructors but also the members @ Precision. There is no competition between training partners and everyone has a respect and a genuine want for you to succeed. They couldn’t be more giving! The instructors are constantly training and learning themselves which brings a level of excitement that keeps him coming home from class excited to return”
Suzanne Taurone

“My daughters, Marissa and Caitlin, began training with Professor Brian McLaughlin in 2008. Brian provided world-class instruction while embracing a safe and collaborative team environment at Precision MMA. Marissa and Caitlin today are jiu-jitsu coaches as a result of the solid foundation they built at Precision MMA. If you’re in the Hudson Valley, I’d highly recommend Precision MMA!”
Quang Luu