The Benefits of Precision Boxing and MMA for Teens

Mixed Martial Arts––boxing, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu––is a growing trend among both teens and adults. Part of its growth is it’s reputation as an exciting sport, as seen in the UFC; much of its growth can also be attributed to its effectiveness as a self-defense measure, as a form of exercise, as a way to relieve stress, as a community. These arts are exciting to learn and to practice and, when taught by an intelligent instructor, can keep you safe, happy and healthy for year. It’s never too early to begin developing these skills.

Teen MMA Classes


Martial Arts are, first and foremost, a method of self-defense. While the sports that have grown out of the original arts are exciting to watch and to practice, learning how to use the same skills to keep yourself safe are also important. At Precision MMA, instructors teach the sports through a focus on self defense. In a perfect world, you would never have to use your training to defend yourself. But if you dedicate your time learning to box, kick-box and grapple, you should also feel comfortable knowing how to keep yourself safe in a dangerous situation.

Our instructors teach self-defense methods in a way that’s easy to understand and can be applied in a real-life situation. Those same methods are tools you can use in the athletic side of the arts, too.

Athletics that Last

With all the exercise methods that physical science has to offer, it can be hard to narrow down a program that will help you meet your goals without a personal trainer. Whichever program you’re interested in, you’ll find a full-body exercise in which you can work at your own pace and get the guidance, attention and instruction you need.

If you’re interested in competitive athletics, MMA is a great way to train at your own skill-level. High school sports often funnel athletes into junior varsity or varsity programs; so if you haven’t been practicing for you’re entire life, you may struggle to get up to speed. Competitive martial arts pair fighters with equal skill levels. White belts compete against white belts. Beginner boxers and kick-boxers fight beginners. You have time to develop your skills without the pressure to meet the level of those around you.

And your athletic career doesn’t have to end when your high school or college career is over. Many martial artists compete well into their 40’s and 50’s. You can carry Mixed Martial Arts practice and competition through most of your life.

If you’re an athlete already, you can learn valuable skills and movements in your off-season that will apply directly into your sport when game-time comes.


Beyond all else, the skills you learn at Precision MMA can help develop confidence. Martial Arts, at their core, are the practices of moving your body correctly. Feeling comfortable in your own body is one thing, but feeling confident face-to-face is another. The training methods at Precision put you face to face with others, first striking pads or learning techniques safely, then, practicing them in real time. Understanding and trusting that the techniques you’ve learned actually work is a powerful feeling. You begin to take calculated risks at practice, and that teaches a similar mindset in the real world. You risks may put you in an uncomfortable situation, but you learn to trust yourself and calmly fight your way out, both on the mat and in the real world.

Stress Relief

Everyone needs a way to blow off steam. MMA offers a variety of ways to do it. Boxing and kickboxing lets you hit pads and heavy bags. Jiu Jitsu lets you wrestle. Sweating, engaging in physical activity, learning something fun and new, meeting and working with friendly people of all ages, you forget about all the stressful factors in your life.

If just for a few hours a week, you can step away from the stressors in your life. Tests, homework, grades, your home-life, slip away. When you return to them later in the day or later in the week, you can do so with a clear head.