The Top Seven Reasons College Students Should Try Martial Arts

There may be no better time to begin or continue your martial arts training than when you’re in college. Your schedule is reliable, leaving you plenty of time to attend martial arts classes. And your mind, adapted to the hours you spend in classrooms each week, is open to the simple, exciting and practical techniques you’ll learn. But what can boxing, Muay Thai or Jiu Jitsu do for you?

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Self Defense

Assault is one of the most commonly reported crimes on college campuses. It’s never a good idea to provoke a fight over a disagreement. It’s a terrible idea to risk your well-being over the contents of your wallet. But sometimes you end up on the wrong end of an unrelenting attack from which you can’t talk out, back out or run away. In that case, quality martial arts training can be the difference between waking up in a lumpy dorm room bed and coming to your senses in a lumpy hospital bed.

Whether you’re interested in boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu Jitsu, or our self-defense-focused Vale Tudo classes, training at Precision MMA will teach you life-long skills to help keep you safe, and provide you an environment where you can practice those skills in realistic situations to develop muscle memory.


Have you been to an overpopulated college fitness center recently? Fighting through the crowd to find a vacant treadmill or an open space to attempt you weight routine gets frustrating. If you’re new to exercise, forcing your way into a crowded gym is just one of the many hardships. It can be difficult to find the workout regimen that’s best for you, to keep yourself motivated, to measure your progress, to know that you’re doing the right exercises the right way. Personal trainers often promise to address these issues. But they also charge an average of 50 dollars an hour or more.

Each class at Precision MMA is run by experienced instructors who focus on demonstrating techniques thoroughly to make sure you learn without getting hurt. Our teaching style allows you to ask questions and get the attention you need without feeling self conscious. The dynamic exercises in Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Muay Thai and Vale Tudo are fun, stimulating ways to get in shape while working at your own pace.


Martial arts isn’t as much of an individualistic hobby as it often seems. At Precision, nearly every drill or exercise is done with a partner. Sometimes, you’re holding pads for each other; sometimes you’re trying new techniques on each other; sometimes you’re sparring, practicing in live action to see how effective your new skills are against a resisting opponent.

Mixed martial arts attracts a wide variety of people, and Precession caters to them all: young and old, women and men, white collar and blue collar, professionals fighters and hobbyists, experienced and beginners. Working in pairs with a diverse group of partners is a great opportunity to meet new friends with a similar interest, many of whom are in the professional workforce who may be able to provide insight or connections for your future.

Establish Good Habits

It can be difficult to keep a healthy diet when your only motivation is to get in shape. It takes time to see the benefits of good nutrition in the mirror or on the scale, and it takes time to see the long term consequences of bad nutrition on your medical charts. When you’re practicing martial arts, you see the results of your diet immediately. You feel better training with a good diet than with a bad one. These short term factors can help to keep you motivated to make healthy decisions. When you’re focused on eating well to feel good at class, you get in better shape naturally, without stressing over every single choice you make in the dining hall.

Keeping up with diet and exercise becomes even harder after college. But when you start making time for martial arts in school, it’s much easier to carry those good habits into your professional life. Your health becomes one of the most important parts of your week, something you’re excited to make time for.

Dealing with Stress

College students face stress from every angle. Midterms. Finals. Student debt. Planning for the future. Fortunately, martial arts is a great way to get away from those stressors and clear your head. If only for a few hours a week, you can let your frustrations out against pads and punching bags and your partners. Beyond that, martial arts helps you to learn to think clearly in stressful situations. In live sparring, you have to think through difficult situations in just a few seconds. Over time, you learn to clear your mind, relax, and react. Stress becomes a much smaller factor in your life. You become more confident.

Competitive Outlet

If you were a competitive athlete in high school, or if you wanted to be, martial arts is a great way to break into a new and competitive sport. Because boxing and Muay Thai fights are are matched up by previous experience, and because Jiu Jitsu tournaments are matched by belt level, you can feel safe in your first competition against someone at your skill level. Competition is not for everybody. Many are satisfied with the challenge and the benefits of classes. But for restless former athletes, or those who want to try the athletic side of martial arts, competing is a way to keep yourself active, challenged, and growing.