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Precision MMA has been Poughkeepsie and the Hudson Valley’s home for elite mixed martial arts, boxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, and self defense classes for over a decade.

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A word from coach Brian

“Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Precision Mixed Martial Arts. We look forward to showing how the martial arts lifestyle can help you become happier and healthier than you ever thought possible. Precision’s goal is to inspire each of our members to utilize martial arts training as a catalyst for positive life changes. I began my martial arts journey 15 years ago as a high school sophomore who struggled with low self-esteem and social anxiety. I wanted to learn self-defense after a friend of mine was hospitalized after being attacked in my neighborhood. Little did I know, scheduling my introductory lesson would be the most important decision I ever made in my life. At my martial arts school I found a place that I belonged and a skill I could be proud of. Unlike other sports which too often catered only to the naturally strong, assertive or athletic, my martial art instructors and fellow students patiently encouraged me and nurtured my growth in the art despite my lack of confidence or natural talent. Martial arts allowed me to confront my greatest fears and gave me the tools to overcome them. With each technique I learned I became more self-assured and more willing to test my limits. Martial arts taught me to welcome challenges rather than run from them and redefined what I considered possible for myself. Before martial arts, reading a book report in front of my high school English class was practically impossible. After martial arts, facing professional fighters in front of sold out crowds in Atlantic City was a walk in the park. I could hold my head up high and face the world with confidence and excitement rather than fear and apprehension. The greatest part of my martial arts journey is still underway – sharing this amazing experience with people just like you within the walls of my academy – Precision Mixed Martial Arts.

At Precision Mixed Martial Arts we are serious about changing lives. We make an investment in each of our members so that their goals become our goals. We are not a one size fits all academy. We will find the benefits and goals unique to YOU and work as a team to make sure you achieve them. Precision MMA has brought together the foremost experts in the World’s most sought after martial arts to deliver the highest caliber of martial arts training from the squared circle of New York City’s Golden Gloves, to the UFC Octagon – our system has been put to the test. You will be learning from professional martial artists with over 100 years of combined experience. However, there is more the Precision MMA than winning techniques. When you join our gym you become part of a family, a group that will be with you every step of the way to encourage and support you on your path to becoming a stronger, more confident person. We will challenge you physically and mentally, but in the end you will always step off the mats better than when you stepped on – Guaranteed. Try our program today and experience the benefits that will last a lifetime.

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Here’s what students at Precision Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts have to say:

“I like the feelings of a camaraderie I get at Precision MMA. I feel like the group of regular guys are a family and we all work hard to make each other better and not hold back when it comes to helping each other. I also enjoy the style of teaching Brian uses. It is very personal and he is constantly making sure that everyone in the class from the most skilled student, to the beginner is doing everything correctly. As a teacher he is very involved with his student’s progress and does everything he can to make his students better. This is something that I don’t get when I trained at other schools.”
Joe Weinstein

“Training at Precision MMA has been nothing short of awesome! Not only do I get top notch training from an MMA champ that keeps me in great shape, I’ve met a great group of training partners that I’m proud to call friends. I couldn’t ask for a better place to train.”
Anthony Vigna

“Precision MMA is a great school to train at. The training environment is safe and friendly. Brian, the head instructor is a wealth of knowledge. He teaches relevant techniques and breaks it down into a simple to understand way. I would recommend the school to anyone seeking a solid place to train at in the Hudson Valley.”
Tim Ng