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Why Precision Boxing & MMA for Business Professionals?

Martial arts training shares essential skills with good business: creativity, dedication, adaptive reasoning. And the former remedies some of the most prominent woes of the latter.

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Sedentary jobs are increasingly being linked to health problems, including weight gain, muscle atrophy and joint stiffness. Exercise can attenuate these health risks as long as the workouts offer variety. Boxing, Muay Tuai kickboxing and Jiu Jitsu classes develop dynamic movements, allowing you to build the essential but underutilized muscles that keep you fit, safe and energetic.

The coaching at Precision MMA emphasizes safety during practice, ensuring that you can make it back home and back to work the next day. Moreover, coaching at Precision focuses on the self-defense benefits of the various martial arts. You may never want to be in a situation where self-defense techniques are necessary; but if you’re ever in a fight-or-flight situation, you want to know that your survival is a reflex, not a mental process.

The variety of movements and ranges of motion developed in martial arts training help to keep you safe from injury. “Muscle confusion,” as this style of training has been called, keeps your body safe from the sudden movements–––the slips or hops–––you can’t anticipate. And the training you do to develop these skills, is just as safe.



Stress Relief

Work and stress are inevitably correlated. Stress is a necessary part of the workweek, but it’s also something that needs to be mitigated. Punching and kicking pads, wrestling and sparring help to relieve that stress, opening your mind so you have a clear head to deal with the next day.

Part of that stress relief, of course, has nothing to do with martial arts movements. Martial arts is a growing community of creative, hard working and intelligent people. Just a few weekly hours of interaction with people outside of the office, outside of the house, can develop help clear your mind of the routine.

But, those same people often lead to great business connections. The people that embrace boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu understand hard work and bring that diligence to everything they do. These personality traits translate on and off the mat, and may lead to networking opportunities with college students looking for new employment of with more experience professionals interested in new business relationships.


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