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Women of Precision

Precision head coach Brian McLaughlin has trained side by side with many of the top women in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts including current UFC Champion Amanda Nunes. As a result Brian has always known that women are capable of incredible feats in MMA and also been keenly aware of the benefits MMA training can offer to females.

Why Should Women Train in Martial Arts?

According to the National Institute of Justice “self-protective actions significantly reduce the risk that a rape will be completed. In particular, certain actions reduce the risk of rape more than 80 percent”.
The training at Precision can give women both the physical skills and the situational awareness to escape when they need it most. For a young woman the cost of not training self defense can be a price far too high to pay.


A sad reality of the world is that women are disproportionately the victims of violent crime, this is especially true of young women. The Department of Justice estimates that 1 in 5 women will be the victim of rape or attempted rape in their college years. Fortunately, self defense training and fighting back has been proven to work.

You don’t have to be in shape to start! These classes are designed to let students go at their own pace. We understand that everyone has different abilities and our coaches’ goal is to help you maximize your potential, not break you down or discourage you.

MMA training will get you into incredible shape! The training is unique in that it combines aerobic fitness with strength building anaerobic work. You don’t have to be in super shape to start. Most people who step onto the mat are not elite athletes. In fact MMA champion turned movie star Gina Carano began training because she was out of shape and wanted to lose weight. MMA teaches women to take pride in their physical achievements and builds healthy habits. Female mixed martial arts has shown women that are strong can be beautiful and that they do not have to fit the stereotypical body image to be praised and respected.

Fitness & Positive Body Image


Mixed martial arts offers women a venue to challenge themselves in the world’s fastest growing sport. Precision has had women from all walks of life find success in the ring and on the mat. In fact Precision is home to the Hudson Valley’s only professional female mixed martial artist Lindsey “Damsel” Vanzandt. If you’ve ever dreamed of competing, Precision is the place to turn those dreams into a reality!

You won’t find shirtless grunting men or obscene “locker room talk” inside Precision. Precision creates a positive training atmosphere for women. Women are never ignored or pushed aside and are seen as equals in all ways to their male training partners

MMA training often reveals that men are not as strong as they thought, but shows women they can become stronger than they ever imagined. One of the greatest fears a woman can have is to be held down by a larger, stronger and more aggressive man. Mixed martial arts classes teach women in a supportive environment to not only confront that fear, but to reliably and consistently conquer it under almost any circumstance. Showing a woman that she can overcome that terrifying scenario gives them the confidence to tackle any problem placed in front of them. Knowing you can survive being choked, kicked and punched on a nightly basis makes that big meeting or presentation seem a little less scary by comparison.


In addition to the physical benefits, training allows women to develop a social network of people who truly care about them. The bond that develops between training partners runs deep. MMA places you in vulnerable situations and reveals your personality to those you train with, this type of training builds a bond like no other. The sense of community, camaraderie and friendship that MMA training builds will help any women navigate life’s toughest of times.

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