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Maybe your days of college football or men’s league hockey are over, but you’re not sentenced to beer league softball or the golf course. Whether you’re a former athlete or a newcomer looking for a hobby to keep you mentally and physically sharp, Martial Arts is one of the best ways to keep yourself physically active, stay healthy, engage your mind and become part of a community.

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Even if your goal isn’t competitive glory, Martial Arts training can improve your life deep into your middle years.

A Home Away From Home

Where do you go after an eight hour work day? Statistics say most men go to the bar, or they go home to surf the couch. They watch sports on TV, where the athletes seem to get younger and younger; and they reminisce about the good ol’ days. But a growing group of men is keeping the good days going.

Whether it’s Jiu Jitsu, Boxing or Muay Thai kickboxing, training at Precision MMA is a great way to escape the work, home, repeat cycle. This “third place,” as author Ray Oldenburg calls it, can help keep you happy and effective during your day to day routine. Getting involved in a community outside of you nine-to-five cohorts and your usual neighborhood group allows you an opportunity to disconnect from office and family, and allows you to be yourself free of your role in the group, all while getting in shape and learning.

Jiu Jitsu, Boxing and Muay Thai exercises demand using muscles in unconventional, yet biologically logical ways. The workouts at Precision MMA allow you to explore different movements, and ask you to keep your mind open and think creatively. Martial Arts are not just the art of movement, but of thinking outside the box, learning, and enacting what you’ve learned in live, safe situations.

A 40 hour work week can take a toll on you. The desk chair or work truck makes your limbs stiff, and the repetitive nature of your job makes your mind numb. Those who go to the gym afterwards often end up in a seated position, doing yet another usual routine. Sitting down to push or pull weights in the same range of motion for the same number of repetitions, over and over.

Getting stuck in this pattern can cause more harm than good. Overuse of muscles in the same motions can damage the muscles and stifle growth. And studies have shown that mental repetition over years may be the leading cause of dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Sharpen Your Mind & Body

Sitting and working in the same range of motion every day makes people less flexible. As your range of motion narrows, you become more prone to injuries. That stiff feeling in your hips, knees and shoulders, is not a direct consequence of age, but of how you treat your body over the ages. Boxing, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu introduce your muscles and joints to a broader range of motion over time. With the coaching at Precision MMA, you’ll incrementally develop higher kicks, wider stances, more flexible hips and shoulders. You’ll be healthier, safer in your day-to-day and when you practice on the mats.

Inspire a Healthy Lifestyle & Increase Range of Motion

Choosing a healthy diet for yourself is easier than sticking to it. Temptation sinks in around the afternoon crash, when you’re tired and fighting to get through the day. When you’re looking forward to a demanding exercise later in the day, one that requires movement and energy, it becomes easier to make the right choice. Any good diet needs consequences, good and bad. With Martial Arts, the consequences of a good diet is great performance. The consequence of bad choices, a hard day at the gym.

You can throw the ball around with your child, or you and your child can throw each other around. Martial Arts are not specific to any one age group. They’re for people of all ages to develop together. If you have a younger child, he or she can learn valuable lessons similar to the ones you’ll learn yourself. If your child is older, he or she can practice with you, learning self-defense, exercising and building confidence.

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