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Precision’s boxing program takes a unique approach to learning the sweet science. We combine group classes, 1 on 1 pad sessions, sparring and bag classes into a dynamic training program. We pride ourselves on producing “boxers, not brawlers” through our highly structured, progressive system focused on technique, timing and strategy.

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These classes typically have two instructors on hand, allowing students to both work in the group as well as receive 1 on 1 padwork with one of our expert coaches! Another set of eyes means that coaches won’t lose track of students and they have the ability to give extra attention to anyone who is struggling.

Skills & Drills

In these group classes, students are lead through the finer points of offensive and defensive maneuvers of boxing. Footwork, coordination, stance and punching techniques are emphasized and broken down in a systemized fashion. Students become well rounded by working with boxers of all different sizes and body types.

You don’t have to be in shape to start! These classes are designed to let students go at their own pace. We understand that everyone has different abilities and our coaches’ goal is to help you maximize your potential, not break you down or discourage you.

Precision is the best equipped boxing gym in the Hudson Valley. The circuit classes at Precision allow students to build the endurance and explosive power that boxers are known for. Coaches lead students through routines on our heavy bags, double end bags, maize bags, and speed bags that provide a great workout while building the necessary physical tools for boxing success. This class is ideal for those looking to use boxing to get in shape and relieve stress without having to take punches. However, many of our fighters jump in to get in shape before their bouts.

Circuit Bag Training

Precision offers basic and advanced sparring sessions. This ensures that students new to sparring won’t get fed to the wolves while those at the elite level can face equally skilled opponents. Precision also has connections with many outside boxing gyms allowing our students to gain experience working with boxers who have different styles and tactics.


For those looking to test their skills we have sparring classes that allow students to step in the ring and try their techniques out against a resisting opponent. At Precision safety is our number 1 concern. We do not allow our boxers to close their eyes and swing for the fences. Students only enter this class once they have demonstrated they possess the pre-requisite skill, knowledge, and self-control. There is always a coach on hand watching to make sure things don’t get out of hand and to ensure everyone is wearing the proper safety equipment.

“Everything about my life has improved since Boxing at Precision MMA. I’m in better shape, made countless friends and gained discipline I never thought I would have. My Only Regret is I didn’t start training years ago.” 
John Joy, Precision Boxer

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