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The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program at Precision Mixed Martial Arts is a dynamic curriculum that brings to life this exciting grappling art in all its forms, including traditional kimono or “gi” training, vale tudo (anything goes) self-defense classes and no-gi submission grappling.

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At many jiu-jitsu schools the instructors will simply “wing it” and teach whatever pops into their head 5 minutes before class. This lack of planning creates a disorganized learning environment which confuses students and slows their progress. At Precision, instructors lead students down a clear path. Each class reinforces and complements the one that came before in an organized fashion allowing students to learn in the most efficient way possible. Precision is run like a college course with a syllabus, clear objectives and progressive written curriculum.


In this class students learn how to use their BJJ techniques to defend against strikes on the feet and the ground as well as how to escape common street holds.  Quick and easy “fight enders” are emphasized; situational awareness, reflex development and de-escalation strategies are also hallmarks of this program.

At its core Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a fighting art.  The primary purpose of BJJ training is to allow a smaller, weaker person to defeat a larger attacker in a no rules situation.  Unfortunately, due to the popularity of tournament styled jiu-jitsu most BJJ schools have lost this element of the art. Sadly, there are BJJ black belts who have never trained to stop an opponent from punching them.  At Precision MMA our coaches know how to apply their grappling when fists are flying.  Head coach Brian McLaughlin has used his jiu-jitsu successfully in professional mixed martial arts to defeat professional boxers, division 1 wrestlers, BJJ Black belts and MMA champions.  In addition, Precision coaches have trained extensively with Gracie Jiu-Jitsu black belt Javier Vazquez; the first person to run a srike-based jiu-jitsu program tailored 100% towards self-defense.   

Many martial arts schools have “one size fits all” classes where seasoned experts and first day novice students are given the exact same information and training methods. As a result advanced students are often bored or unchallenged while beginners are overwhelmed or beat up. Like mixing Pop Warner players with NFL pros in the same practice, this method is a recipe for disaster. A Precision MMA, classes are broken down into beginner, intermediate and advanced. New students have classes tailored specifically for them where fundamental concepts are taught at an easy to follow pace without anyone being “thrown to the wolves”. Likewise, veteran students get to train with other advanced members to keep training fun and exciting.

These classes focus on throws, reversals, positional exchanges and submissions while wearing the traditional jiu-jitsu kimono.  These classes teach students how to overcome someone grabbing their clothing as well as develop body sensitivity, grip strength, balance and technical precision.  A unique element of Precision MMA’s gi program is the inclusions of Judo throws.  Precision coaches have been taught to throw by 3rd degree Judo black belt Jerry Fokus (sp?).  Although Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is known for it’s incredible ground fighting it is typically lacking takedowns.  Judo is the world’s number 1 kimono based takedown art. Precision makes sure it’s students are prepared on the feet or the ground.  Unlike other BJJ programs which train exclusively from their knees, Precision students grapple from their feet since all real fights begin standing.

Gi Training

Submission Grappling (no-gi jiu-jitsu)

Although gi training provides many benefits, BJJ students need to be ready to apply their techniques in all situations.  Often times you may be faced with a situation where your opponent is not wearing long sleeves or a jacket. When manipulating clothing is not an option submission grappling takes over.  No-gi training is also the most applicable style for those looking to transition to mixed martial arts competition. Submission grappling is also an exciting sport for those looking to challenge themselves in competition. Head coach Brian McLaughlin has tested his system extensively, earning victories over some of the top submission grapplers in the country.  Similar to our gi program, the submission grappling at Precision MMA includes an emphasis on takedowns.  Division 1 wrestlers teach side by side with BJJ Black belts to ensure all elements of grappling are covered.  In order to keep his no-gi techniques sharp coach Brian also regularly trains with 5-time World Champion Marcelo Garcia at his academy in New York City.  The techniques you are taught at Precision MMA are being used by the best grapplers on the planet.   

“Training Jiu-jitsu at Precision I found three things. Number one an absolutely amazing coach, number two was an incredible arrangement of classes, and number three was a lot of friends, I’ve met so many incredible people here. Everyday from coaches to training partners I’m surrounded by good people who just want to help me learn and I’m so grateful for everyone at Precision MMA” 
Dr. Ernest Ellender

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