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Military & Law Enforcment

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Perhaps more than any other group in society military and law enforcement have dangerous jobs. They are placed in harm’s way on a daily basis. For those tasked with protecting our country, having the tools to defend against attackers isn’t a luxury, but rather a necessity. Precision MMA recognizes the challenges these brave men and women must face and has crafted a program designed to keep them safe and we have the results to prove it!

The training program at Precision MMA is focused on techniques and strategies that will keep you safe when you need it most – to protect yourself or your family. We prepare you to defend yourself against motivated attackers who are bigger and stronger than you.

Along with learning strikes and submission holds our coaches discuss real world self defense concepts such as avoidance, situational awareness, body language and verbal de-escalation. This comprehensive and realistic self defense training has made Precision MMA the choice for elite military and law enforcement personnel. In addition to the many military and law enforcement members trained at Precision on a daily basis, head coach Brian McLaughlin was hand-picked to train the US Army combatives team at Fort Hood Texas, the Army’s most elite hand to hand fighting unit.

On the mat, in the streets or on the battlefield the training at Precision MMA works!

“My name is Nick Formichell I’ve been a corrections officer for the state for almost 20 years. I’m on what’s called a response team, basically if anything goes wrong, if an officer gets hurt or attacked I’m one of the first responders to go and quell the situation. I’ve been going to Precision MMA and a few weeks ago there was an incident where an officer got attacked, I was the first one there and saw them on the ground wrestling around. When I grabbed the inmate he tried to grab me and pull me down onto him. The day before we had practiced sprawling and I had never done it before, but the idea was if someone grabs your legs you kick your legs out and drop your weight on top of them and instinctively from doing that all day I was able to do just that, I sprawled me weight back and pinned him back down to the ground at which point others officers came and we quelled the situation, got him handcuffed and out of there. We did everything good and clean, so one month at Precision made a difference.” 
Nick Formichell, Corrections Officer
military training
“I got to train with Brian McLaughlin and really enjoyed it. Brian broke down all the techniques to that everyone could understand, I learned a lot of things I’d never seen before and really appreciate all the time I got to train with him.” 
2nd Lt. Shaffer, Fort Hood Combatives Team
military man smiling with wife
Brian came down and train with the army championship combatives team and brought a lot of training methodology and techniques that work for soldiers of all sizes. We can’t choose a weight class when we fight for our lives. Everything we do needs to work against someone bigger and that’s what we learned. 
Chris Perkins, Director of Combatives, Fort Hood
“My name is Seth Thomas, I work for the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office. Precision MMA has really helped me with my ground fighting and given me confidence that I can handle people on the ground if I need it. I’ve been coming here for months and it’s great because everyone here that knows a lot helps beginners out instead of just pounding on them and making them depressed so the attitude is really great and I love coming here, I always learn a lot.”
Seth Thomas, Duchess County Sheriff's Office

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